Why your references are important for good grades

Internet today has every tiny piece of information that you need for your research. There are millions of ideas, insights, and words that are published on the internet by other writers; these writers spend years and years of research and writing. Hence, giving them credit while using their work is important. References should always be specific, allowing your professors to track down the sources of information that you used. Citations have a good chance to circumvent plagiarism; they have other important roles as well. 

Here are a few reasons why giving reference is important:

1- Eliminates Plagiarism

Plagiarism content on our assignment can misjudge our impression. Therefore, If you give citations for the words that you have used from the other source, there is a good chance that you can eliminate plagiarism. There is a software called ‘Turnitin’ which catches the copied content on your assignment. If you are taking some data from the internet and you mention the reference in your assignment the software will not count it as copied. This way you can make your content look plagiarism-free.

2- Creates A Good Impression

How can adding citations to your write-up create a good impression on your professors? 

While para-phrasing if you mention a small scale data that you have got from some other source and mention the reference; your professors will know that you have researched a good platform that has the best information. This can create a good impression of your write-up in front of them and undoubtedly you can score good grades.

3-Improves Quality

Citations make your write-up look more persuasive. We all know, quality is of utmost importance in any kind of academic work. A good resource always gives the best quality of the write-up. If your research is high quality there is a better chance that your assignment will have a good quality of information. Mentioning your references can overall improve the quality of your assignment and your grades as well.

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