Things You Need To Tell Your Assignment Writer

Assignment Cure has a principle of good communication. We know that a student’s life is full of challenges and struggles, that is the reason we are here for the rescue. Assignments that you get from your professors have certain guidelines that need to be followed. When you hand your assignments to our writers it is all their responsibility to fulfill those guidelines. There are different thresholds from universities be it plagiarism check or formatting. 

Here are things that you should mention to our writers before they start your assignments because the clarity of assignment and communication is the most important.

University Guidelines:

Experts at Assignment Cure are very actively aware of the guidelines that your universities provide but there are certain rules for every university which our experts might miss out on. Before starting the assignment make sure that you give all the information that your professor has asked you to write in the assignment. Our expert writers will take care of all the academic integrity rules and understand rubrics given to students for grade allocation. 

Similarity Check:

Writers at Assignment cure are very particular about writing plagiarized content. They have an anti-plagiarism policy because they know how plagiarized content can create a bad impression in front of your professors. Every university has different rules for plagiarism. There are universities that offer a 20% similarity allowance and there might be some that offer less or more than that. If our experts are aware of it they will create your assignment accordingly. 

Formatting Requirments:

For our writers formatting an assignment is equally important. If you write the best-researched assignment and don’t format it properly then there is no point in all the hard work. You will end up losing your grades. There are some particular subjects that need different formatting or it might be that your professor has told you to make it in a different font or alignment. These are the small things that our writers should know so that they can make your assignments accordingly.


To confirm your deadlines before starting the assignment is very important. The writers will write your assignment accordingly and submit them before the deadline so that you can have enough time to proofread before the final submission.

These are some basic information that students need to share with the writers so that they can have clarity of the subject and guidelines of your university. After giving your assignments to our experts you just have to sit back and relax because our experts will provide you with the best quality content which will lead you to score better grades.


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