How to write the perfect essay?

Essays are one of the most common types of assignments that students are required to complete during their time at colleges and universities. While the format of an essay is not so difficult to comprehend, students still fail to write a good essay and end up getting mediocre grades. Also, essays are rather less restrictive and students are allowed to present their ideas and opinions without limiting themselves, which makes it even more difficult to choose what to write out of hundreds of ideas on a single topic. The best way to write a perfect essay is to plan out your writing task and divide them into steps that can be checked off as you progress through it. We suggest the following steps to follow while writing your essay:


Deconstruct the question:

Before you start writing, always analyze the question by deconstructing it and understanding what is required from you. Most tutors are not looking for fancy and out-of-the-world write-ups, rather, they want you to focus on the set question/topic and be coherent to it. A simple, easy to understand write-up will fetch you more marks than a complicated one without any agenda. Also, always keep the instructions and grade rubric handy while writing the assignment.


Make notes:

95% of a good essay is what you do before you start writing; only the rest is achieved by actually writing the essay. Once you understand the question, start brainstorming ideas by referring to lecture notes, researching on the internet, and library resources. Try and create a draft structure with headings/ paragraphs that you might want to include in your essay and think about what you may write. You can always add/deduct points as you progress. 


Draft the essay:

Once you have the draft structure and content for the essay, start writing. Starting to write is the most difficult part of writing, however, once you do, you will get ideas along the way if you have a draft structure. Improvise headings by referring to the instructions and try to address rubric requirements as these may fetch you great grades. Again, the structure of the essay is as much important as the content is.


Check references:

A great way to get good grades and make your argument valuable is to cite them. Plagiarism is something that academic institutions take seriously and therefore, you must always cite and add references in your essay. Also, check what referencing style is preferred by your tutor and stick to it. Appropriate references make your essay unique and create a great impression on your tutor.


Editing and Proofreading:

One of the most underrated parts of the whole essay writing process is editing and proofreading. After finishing your essay, always check the format, fonts, paragraphs, spellings and grammar before submitting. Refer back to your instructions and notes to check if you have included everything in your essay that your professor is looking for. In the end, it should all make sense.


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